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Darcy Electrical stands at the forefront of delivering Professional Industrial Electrical Services.
As specialists in industrial electrical systems and processes, our Industrial Electricians possess the expertise to streamline your operations with automation, enhance energy efficiency through power factor correction, and more. With a resolute commitment to excellence, we’re poised to optimise your industrial landscape and amplify your commercial success.

Navigating Challenges with Precision

Industrial electrical challenges can disrupt production and cost you valuable resources. Our team thrives on tackling even the most intricate issues, swiftly returning your operations to peak performance. Your industrial success is our paramount priority, and we work tirelessly to minimise disruption and maximise efficiency.

Comprehensive Industrial Services

With over six decades of industry experience, our team boasts a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of industrial electrical services. Regardless of the complexity of your electrical issue, our team brings tailored solutions to the table. Recognising the significance of seamless processes, we place your business at the forefront, executing services and repairs with utmost efficiency.
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Unveiling a Suite of Industrial Solutions

At Darcy Electrical, we deliver a comprehensive suite of industrial electrical services, tailored to elevate your industrial operations:

  • Lighting Solutions: Illuminate your workspace with efficient and effective lighting solutions.
  • Electrical Inspections: Rigorous assessments to ensure the safety and performance of your electrical infrastructure.
  • Electric Motor Services – Efficiency Testing: Enhance efficiency and longevity through precision motor testing.
  • Variable Speed Drives: Optimise motor control with advanced variable speed drive solutions.
  • Energy Optimising Soft Starters: Minimise power surges and prolong equipment life with soft starter technology.
  • Power Factor Correction: Reduce energy wastage and lower costs through optimised power factor.
  • Industrial Automation: Revolutionise your processes with cutting-edge automation technologies.
  • BMS and CBUS: Tailored control systems that streamline your industrial processes.
  • Batch Control Systems and Software: Efficiently manage batch processes with precision software solutions.
  • Servo Control Solutions: Achieve intricate motion control with expert servo solutions.
  • PLC Programming: Seamlessly integrate programmable logic controllers for enhanced automation.
  • PLC Programming: Seamlessly integrate programmable logic controllers for enhanced automation.
  • Industrial Solar Power: Harness sustainable energy solutions to power your industrial operations.
  • Engineering Services: Expert engineering support to enhance your electrical systems.
  • Trace Heating: Ensure safety and performance with comprehensive trace heating solutions.
  • 3 Phase Power Installations and Repairs: Enhance power capacity with reliable 3 phase installations and repairs.
  • Electrical Safety Inspections: Rigorous inspections to uphold safety standards.
  • Test and Tag: Comprehensive procedures to ensure electrical compliance.
  • RCD Testing: Safeguard your establishment with reliable RCD testing.
  • Electrical Installations: Expert installations for seamless functionality.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Proactive measures to prevent disruptions.
  • Switchboard Upgrades and Repairs: Enhance electrical distribution with reliable switchboard solutions.
  • Surge Diverters and Surge Protection: Protect sensitive equipment from power surges.

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