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At Darcy Electrical, we understand the significance of a robust and reliable electrical system in your commercial establishment.
Our Commercial Electrical Services cater to every facet of your electrical needs, from energy-efficient lighting design and installation to meticulous compliance testing. With a team of Master Electricians stationed in Gold Coast, we service companies Australia wide.

Expertise for Every Electrical Challenge

Electrical issues can disrupt your business, causing inconvenience and lost opportunities. Rest assured, our team is equipped to provide solutions for even the most complex electrical problems. With your business as our priority, we swiftly get you back on track, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

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Comprehensive Commercial Services

We bring a comprehensive range of electrical services tailored to meet your commercial requirements:

  • Test and Tag: Ensure electrical equipment compliance with rigorous testing and tagging procedures.
  • Electrical Inspections: Thorough inspections to guarantee the safety and functionality of your electrical system.
  • Electrical Safety Reviews: Comprehensive reviews to identify and address potential safety concerns.
  • Electrical Thermal Imaging: Advanced imaging techniques to detect and prevent potential electrical issues.
  • Electrical Installations: Expert installation services for seamless integration of your electrical components.
  • RCD and Safety Switch Testing, Installation, and Repairs: Ensuring the utmost safety and protection for your establishment.
  • Surge Protection: Safeguarding your sensitive electronic equipment against power surges.
  • Emergency Lighting: Reliable emergency lighting solutions to ensure the safety of occupants.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting – Energy Efficient, LED: Innovative lighting solutions for energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.
  • 3 Phase Power Upgrades and Repairs: Enhancing your power capabilities to meet growing demands.
  • Switchboard Upgrades and Repairs: Ensuring your electrical distribution system is up to the task.
  • Wiring and Rewiring: Professional wiring services for optimal functionality and safety.
  • Preventative Maintenance: Proactive measures to prevent potential electrical issues.
  • Fault Finding and Repairs: Swift and accurate diagnosis and resolution of electrical faults.

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