Darcy Air and Electrical Services


Established in 1956 by Founder, Mr Don D’arcy, Darcy Air and Electrical Services is built on a strong foundation of local knowledge and client relationships. Darcys has evolved and innovated throughout the immense growth period of the Gold Coast and surrounding regions.

Don sold Don D’arcy to Terry Thornton in the 1980’s, after passing on his vast knowledge. Terry’s experience in water movement and industrial site maintenance was intrinsic to local infrastructure in this growing region.

Now as the third owners of Don D’arcy, having purchased it in 2007, Director Fred Bird came to this company with over 40 years of experience in all areas of electrical and mechanical installation and service particularly in the Commercial and Heavy Industrial fields. Fred has the valuable title of "Electrician in Charge of a Mine" in several Quarry sites across the region and surrounds himself with Industrially Experienced Electricians and Instrumentation Technicians.

Deciding to rebrand to Darcy Air and Electrical Services kept the well respected name of ‘Darcy’ and recognised the need to adapt to the changing times by modernising the name and by moving forward with our innovative processes and systems.

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